Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Just A Couple Of Mowers

Today my son and I mowed the back field at our church for probably the last time of this season. As we mowed, I remembered back to when I first started cutting the grass at Oakhaven Church some years ago. I started out cutting the front yard and I remember never being able to cut it without my son insisting on coming with me. He would sit on my lap while I cut and loved the part when we would go down the hills. The older (and bigger) my son got, the more difficult it was to have him sit on my lap while I mowed, but he rufused to let me go alone. All the while I mowed, I would dream of the day that he would be able to cut the grass along side of me. A couple of years ago, I talked with the person who organized the mowing crew and we determined that my son was finally ready to handle a mower of his own. That year, I switched to cutting the back field around the trees on one mower with my son cutting the field on the other. The funny thing is that most times I have to continually bug my son to get him to cut the grass at home, but if I mention cutting the grass at church, he's in the van before I am. My son likes to call it "Pa time". Just me and my boy. We turn the radio off in the van and talk all the way to church. When we get there we fire up our mowers and get to work. We aren't able to talk for the next hour and a half but we give each other a nod or wave as we pass each other, just a couple of men and their machines. We are only able to talk to each other for about a half an hour in that two hours, but my son considers it all quality time, and so do I. As I rode my tractor today and watched him drive his, I pondered all these things. I used to dream of having my son cut the grass along side of me. Now I watch him and dream of him cutting the same field along side of his own son. I wonder if he dreams of it too. At the end of the day, there is so much more than just a couple of mowers parked in that little building in front of the church.

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