Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Confidence of a squirrel

Today I was sitting out in the woods watching a squirrel run around. The squirrel ran up a leafless tree and climbed about sixty feet in the air and jumped from the branch he was on to another branch about two and a half feet away. This wasn’t a “stop and think about it take my time kind of jump.” This was an immediate “I’m here and need to be there" kind of jump.
I began to wonder how it would be if that were me on that branch needing to make that same two and a half foot jump. I wondered how many times would I look down first and worry about the possibility of not being able to make the jump. And how many times would I think, “Well if I go back down to this branch and climb over to this branch and then back up maybe I can get there more easily and safely.” However, the down side to that is that whatever I needed or whatever needed me on the other branch may be gone by the time I get there.

Finally I just came to the conclusion that, man, I wish I had the confidence of a squirrel.

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Anonymous said...

Son, you do have the confidence of that squirrel. You just have to realize it.
Your Mother