Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Mother's Love

The cry of the newborn baby woke her in the night. “Not again”, she said, as the task of motherhood took it’s toll. She stumbled across the dark room and lifted her son from his crib. The touch of his mother’s hand brought comfort as she sat in her chair for another late night feeding. She sighed as she thought of the work that waited for her in the morning, but as she looked down at the sparkle in her baby’s eyes, the sleep in her own began to disappear. Oh what wonders waited for him she thought. The joys of life to experience, for him and for her. She felt a tear well in her eye as she thought about the first time he would call her Mama and chuckled as she pictured him clumsily taking his first step. It wouldn’t be long until he would be standing in the window waiting for father to come home and bounce him on his knee. Then will come school she thought, feeling proud. Yes, he would be smart, she felt sure of that. She would be there to help him in any way. She thought about how his features would change as he grew. He will always be beautiful to me, she thought. She thought about how tall and proud he would stand as he left for his first day of work. Maybe he would work for his father and maybe not. Whatever he chose, he will have been brought up to take pride in it and to do his best. And then one day he will leave. It will be sad but she will be strong, knowing that she has prepared him for life. He will be a man. He will be a good man, always doing his best to help others. He will be loved by all and she will be proud to say, “This is my son.”
Suddenly, the sounds of an angry crowd woke her from her thoughts. Looking to her lap, she saw that her baby was asleep. A tear fell as she reached down and gently took hold of his bleeding, nail scarred hand. She pulled him in close and kissed her baby goodnight.

Happy Mother's Day

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Anonymous said...

I remember reading this many yeats ago and still such a moving peace. Thank you,Pat Love you, Mom-in-law