Sunday, April 30, 2006

RSVP-My Communion Prayer

You invited me to sit at your table. You wanted to share a meal with me but I think you wanted to share so much more. You said you would be betrayed, but it wouldn't just be Judas at the table who would betray you. I have sold you for much less than thirty pieces of silver. You said you would be left behind out of fear and shame. I thought I was stronger but nobody ran faster than me from the garden. And when I looked across that courtyard and my eyes met yours, deep in my disgrace I knew just how weak I was. What I don't understand is that you already knew all this but you still invited me to your table. Why? After all I've done and have not done, why at the foot of the cross where you hung dying, why did I hear you whisper my name? You are everything that is good, I am not and yet you call me brother. So here I sit at your table, I have tasted your bread and I have filled myself on your cup. I hunger and thirst no longer. Thank you for inviting me to your table, I look forward to feasting with you again.

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