Sunday, December 18, 2005

Life's Not Fair!

As the father of two children, there are three words that are commonly heard around our house; "That's not fair". When one child gets something, the other must be equally compensated or prepare yourself for a barrage of accusations about him or her always getting more then they do. We cut cake with a measuring tape at our house. It's not just limited to physical things either. If we have a busy day and they don't get enough "play time", well, that's not fair either.

Before I continue to go on about my kids, let me stop and say that it is not just limited to them. I too believe that life is not fair. I work a job where we are basically treated as numbers, not people. It's not fair that some of the "numbers" get treated better than others based not on their job performance but their ability to "kiss up" to the boss. It's not fair that I work hard all day and the people in the offices selling my hard work make more money than I do. I could keep whining, and whining is all it is, but that isn't the point I want to make.

From the beginning of time, has life ever been fair? Is it fair that God, our creator, would offer us a garden to fulfill all of our needs but we would choose a Gomorrah? Is it fair that God would deliver His people from slavery in Egypt, give them an unlimited supply of food and the promise of a new homeland and yet they would give their allegiance to a golden calf? Is it fair that it would get so out of hand that God Himself would leave His throne in Heaven and come to earth to live among us to show his love and desire for us and we would kill Him for it? Last, is it fair that a sinless Jesus would hang on the cross with my sin and your sin on his shoulders? That He would become all the things we had done and all the things that He despises, so we could stand before the Father blameless on the day of judgment. Is that fair? No, life has never been fair. I thank God for that. If life were fair, I would have no hope at all. In all my trivial whining about what I don't get, I've been given more than I could ever deserve. Thank you Jesus for enduring Hell so I don't have to.

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Gary Cleveland said...

Hey Pat,

Good blog. I used to get hung up on this a lot more than I do now but I still find myself digressing back to that mental trap every now and again.

Keep up the good work!

Gary Cleveland